15kw On grid Solar system in Gujranwala Hospital | Jinko Mono 530W | Solic Inverter | Ex Solar Power

In this video we have Successfully installation Completed in Gujranwala Saleem Hospital , 12kw net metering Solar system & 5kw Hybrid Solar System.

holesale Jinko Pannels available in Ex Solar Power Pvt ltd Gujranwala.
Our Company ( Ex Solar Power ) is registered Company from Government of Pakistan and We have registered Engineers from Pakistan Engineering council PEC. We Provide smart energy solution for all over the Pakistan.
And We have all Solar products such as , Solar Panels , Inverters , 14G Stands , Aluminum stands , Imported wire , D.B box Complete with Schneider Breakers , Changeover Extra Protection devices Under O/V Voltage and O/V Current and Surge Protection devices.

Welcome to Ex Solar Power by Electraxon Engineering PVT LTD.

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15kw on Grid Solar Power System in Gujranwala Saleem Hospital.

Zero Export device for on Grid Solar system

15kw Solar system in Gujranwala DC Road.

Pure DC Breakers Schneider electric Company for Solar & battery

Lithium ion battery for Solar system in Gujranwala Pakistan.
2kw watt solar system in Gujranwala

Jinko Wholesale Pannels available in Gujranwala

3kw Solar system in Gujranwala

Solar db box complete products

Jinko 530W and 460W Mono perc half cut Solar Pannels Available

6kw Solar system in canal view Gujranwala

4kw Solar system in Gujranwala

Jinko 535w mono perc half cut Solar Panel Overview

7kw solar system in Gujranwala

Growatt 3.5kw inverter Project in Gujranwala

Inverex Aerox 2.2kw Solar Inverter

7kw solar system in Gujranwala Master city

8kw solar system in Gujranwala cant

Customize solar structure

Hyundai tall tubular battery

Growatt 3kw solar hybrid inverter

Jinko 525w solar panels overview complete detail.

6kw solar system installation with Maxpower

3.5kw solar system installation complete detail.

How to change ceiling fan capacitor

Maxpower infini VII Solar inverter unboxing.

How we change ceiling fan capacitor?

10kw solar hybrid system 2020.

Solar fan 12VDC and Charge controller

10kw solar panels set-up and self made structure

Growatt 2.2kw inveter 2020

Inverex 1.2kw Solar Inverter 2020
Growatt 3.5kw solar Inverter detail.
3.2KVA Inverter Growatt
Growatt 2.2KVA Inverter Revo Series 2020
Solar Complete setup at home.


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