1,660w of Solar on a Van

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Now is when we start to get into the interior build.

I put 4 solar panels on the roof of a GMC Savana van, I still need to fill in the gaps between the front two and the rear two and maybe some weather strips on the thin gaps. This will create shade no matter where I am parked and decrease the hot days by possibly up to 20 degrees or more on the van roof itself.

Let the exploration begin, we are starting off with the van build and we will progress soon to travel and exploration, the van build will be a work in progress on many levels where some will be necessary at the start.

I hope to take you to palces and see things you may otherwise not be able to see and do and for those that are able, I hope to inspire you to do the things that make you happy.

If you can get out even a little, please do it. Make you first.

I hope you come along with me on this adventure and if you like what I am doing here I hope you can help support and sponsor our adventures together through the link below. Here you will also be able to see unedited footage and photos prior to editing for the youtube channel and often times material that will never make youtube. Such as live footage that will have things edited or bloopers, shoot even flat out mistakes.

This can be as little as $3.00 per month and that may not sound like much to you but this will help us in this venture together.

Get your merchandise here. This will always be changing as we add new merchandise.,

There will be upcoming swag, stickers, shirts, mugs, etc only available on Patreon.


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