3 KW Solar System for 1 AC & Fans Lights Fridge washing Machine Water pump etc | Solar system Price

Crown Ricardo plus 3.2 Solar Inverter Price 53000/ , 500 watts Trina half cut Mono perc Solar Panels 25000/ each, 6 Solar Panels price 150000/, L2 Solar Fitting Stand x 3 12000/=, 2 Phoenix Tall Tubular Batteries TX 2500 Price 62000/=, 30 feet 10 mm 2 core Solar wire 5400/, Junction box Safety breakers electric wire change over channel duct etc 23700/, transportation charges 2500, Installation Charges 32000/= Total 340600/=

for Solar System Installation in Karachi ( RAZA BHAI Only Whatsapp msg 0092 0321 2080204 )

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