This video is a demonstration of the SPG-3000 Solar Power Generator built by Arc Solar Systems. In this video we show how to operate the generator as well as demonstrating some appliances and electronics the solar powered generator will run.

The video also demonstrates the R-E-A-I-C System Battery Reserve Power (Option).
An acronym for Renewable-Energy-Adaptive-Interconnecting-Component-System.

It’s purpose is to greatly increase power storage capacity to allow for continued electricity usage during prolonged periods without sun (ie: during storms, overcast, ect).
For emergency usage, power outages, supplemental power, or camping and hunting.

With the R-E-A-I-C System, the SPG-3000 generator can link with an external battery bank of any size (ie; 1 battery, 2 batteries, or 5, 10 or 20 batteries, ect.) through a quick connector located on the generator, and all the batteries in the system become one large battery which greatly increases the size of available power storage.

A battery bank can be located anywhere (ie; in a garage, a shop, a home, an RV you own, or in a battery box for portability, ect.) and the powerful 288 watt solar array then charges all the batteries as one battery.

All this stored power can then be accessed as needed through the electrical outlets on the SPG-3000 generator.

We are saving up energy on sunny days – to use on rainy days.

In the final segment of we take our SPG-3000 Solar Power Generator with the R-E-A-I-C System Battery Reserve Power Option on a five day camping trip for testing.

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