AC or DC? We upgrade the solar power system for our off grid house.

We have often considered which is better; AC or DC? for the solar power system for our off grid house.

Answer? Love. Obviously.

But actually, for the last 9 years we’ve had a very small 12V DC system that powered LED lights, a cell booster, and various 12V outlets that were mostly used with USB adapters. For anyone who wants to escape to the woods and live simple, this works perfect.

When we could afford it (about four years ago) we installed a larger solar power system on our shop which had a 4500W AC inverter. Besides allowing us the use of a deep freezer and normal power tools, we also ran a circuit over to the house to power up a fridge.

This week we finally removed the old 12V DC solar power system and permanently re-wired the house for AC power from the larger solar system.

Which is better, AC or DC? Whatever allows you to go off-grid, whether in body or in spirit!

Care deeply about AC or DC? Passionate about frequency? Does that word make you think of REM? Have a different kind of solar power system for your off grid house? You sound like our kind of people, join the club, sub, and leave a comment!

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