Airstream System Walkthrough

Our installation team consists of electrical artists. Check out this sweet system and its clean installation. We’ll set you up with an autonomous power system that works for you and your mobile needs. We do vans, RVs, travel trailers, Airstreams, Skoolies, and some other applications like boats and off-grid tiny homes.

Some specs on this system:

Lifeblue battery bank is 12V 400Ah (
700W solar roof array of Zamp Solar Obsidian panels (
12V Victron Multiplus 3000W inverter/charger (
Victron Smart Shunt
Victron Cerbo
Victron Touch 50 Monitor
AM Solar Smart Phase Selector (SPS)
AM Solar Roof Combiner box
AM Solar panel mounting hardware

For a similar system or a custom quote, visit and fill out a Quote Request form so we know more about your needs.

AM Solar is located in Springfield, Oregon.
RV Solar Specialists since 1987

AM Solar provides energy management and independent power solutions for RVs and other off-grid applications like boats and tiny homes. We offer RV solar panels and other equipment, including lithium batteries, inverter/chargers, and battery monitoring in complete do-it-yourself solar kits. Since our inception over twenty years ago, we have led the way in camping and RV solar panel systems implementation, products, and customer service.

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