Biggest Solar Vent, Do they work 7 Steps to install it on your tile roof

“How to install a solar powered Roof vent in a tile roof. I do not recommend these vents to stop heat because even this very big solar powered roof vent does not move enough air to cool you roof space. In this case the customer had brought on on the internet and wanted it installed with there insualtion job and so I installed it for her. If you want to know how effective one of these will be before you buy it, just turn your exhaust fans in your bathroom all day on a hot day and see if that makes any differance to the heat in your home.

Almost certainly you will find out that it makes no differance and installing a vent like this will expose your roof to a much greater risk of roof leaks. Stop the heat in your home with a quality roof insulation like Cellulose Fibre insulation installed on the ceiling by a qualified roof insulation contractor.”

Comfort Zone has been insulating houses in Queensland Australia since 1988. So if you have a question or would like a quote for insulation post your comments, Subscribe or email me for a quote on I am happy to help.

We insulate all kinds of roofs but as you can see from our videos we highly recommend cellulose fibre insulation but we can supply Polyester batts in situation like under floors.

We do all kinds of roofs
Raked Roofs
Exposed Beam
A frame or snow roof
in ceiling walls
Flat roof – wrap over iron with no manhole
Wrap over
Super 6 or Fibro roof or asbestos roof
Walls internal and external

We insulate for sound, heat and cold and even to stop mould forming on your ceiling.

Roof insulation quotes supplied normally within 48 hours and without any need for a site inspection in Australia because we can measure your home with online tool and email you a fixed price and very detailed quote. Just fill in our online web form and let us make your home a Comfort Zone.

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