BTS’ Jungkook kicks off birthday with global celebration

BTS' Jungkook kicks off birthday with global celebration

BTS main vocalist Jeon Jungkook kicked off his birthday with a massive global celebration. 

The youngest member of the South Korean group rang in his 24th birthday by serenading millions of fans through the video platform V-Live.

An hour before the clock struck midnight, the vocalist hosted a stream, where he gave an intimate glimpse of his creative process by writing a song in real-time for ARMY, the septet’s global fanbase, with messages they sent him earlier that day on Weverse. 

“The reason why I asked you to leave lyric-like comments is that I want to use the words you say to me and write them into a song. I brought an instrumental piece,” he explained.

Jungkook reworked the posts he curated from fans into English verses and layered them over mellow guitar-led acoustics. 

According to the singer-songwriter, the sweet piece, which he called “Our Little Thing,” will not be released commercially and will instead be gifted to ARMY. 

The 24-year-old continued the live stream, which drew over 20.4 million viewers and 2 billion engagements, with a mini-concert, where he sang a series of titles from BTS’ discography, including “Paradise,” one of the fanbase’s most requested live performances. 

Bangtan hits he also featured in the one-man show were “Dimple,” “2!3!” “MIC Drop,” “Autumn Leaves,” “Spring Day,” “Zero O’clock,” “Best of Me,” “Heartbeat,” “Mikrokosmos,” “Love Maze,” and “Waste It On Me.”

The singer-songwriter also sampled “Let Go” and “Film Out,” tracks from the group’s Japanese records. 

Millions of supporters around the world, meanwhile, honored their favorite artist by giving back to the community. 

In the Philippines, for example, fan club Golden Alliance Philippines (GAPH) launched a series of initiatives such as solar artwork, a mangrove planting effort, and food relief. 

In cooperation with Liter of Light, the group formed a portrait of Jungkook using solar lights, the first for any Korean artist, at the University of the Philippines. 

According to GAPH, every single light used in the project will be donated to areas with poor energy. 

In partnership with Planet CORA, the fanbase also opened Jungkook Mangrove Sanctuary, along with a Donate a Seedling program in Baybay, Leyte.

“We will start the project with 60 mangroves and add them every year,” GAPH said. 

“With every donation, mangrove seedlings are planted and maintained by the community — helping fight climate change, enhancing biodiversity and fisheries and supporting the livelihood of women living in the island and coastal communities,” it added. 

GAPH also distributed 100 food packs consisting of freshly harvested vegetables and rice they sourced from local farmers in Nueva Ecija to the Aeta community in Olongapo. 

Indonesian ARMYs, on the other hand, celebrated his 24th by adopting 4,000 turtles that were released into the sea. 

In Vietnam, Jungkook’s fanbase donated 20 million VND under his name to the Dragon Children’s Foundation, an organization that aims to help struggling impoverished children and families have a better life. 

Dozens of similar movements, from donation drives to animal adoption projects, which were likewise done under the name of Jungkook were also spotted in other parts of the globe such as India, Japan, and the United States. 

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