Cheap and Easy DIY Solar Panel Setup 1000w Amazon Grid Tie Inteveter

Hey Guys, this is the cheapest and easiest way I know how to setup a DIY Solar setup for less than $400 bucks. This is a grid-tie so it will help feed solar power back to your house when you have electricity running. This system does not work off grid or will not work for a backup situation when you have no power. Here is the list to all of the items I purchased. Amazon Affiliate Links:

Y&H 1000W Grid Tie Inverter –
10 awg cable –
MC4 4 to 1 Connector –
MC4 2 to 1 Connector –
Etekcity Smart Plug –

Panels were source locally because they are very heavy (45 pounds) and shipping cost is pretty crazy. Check craigslist or Facebook marketplace. VOC should be between 36V to 46V. If you are in Sacramento, I can get them for you for $120 per panel.


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