Cheap & easy DIY home solar power system – cost, parts, where to buy.

In this video I show you a DIY solar system that can be installed with little effort. Produces enough power to run a couple large appliances and for half the price you would pay a contractor to install.

List of part numbers & prices used in this installation:
IM2000 – Modified Sine Wave Invertor x 2 $400 ea
SC330D – Solar Charge Controller (Includes Display) x1 $175 ea
SPP135 – 135 watt Solar Panel x 4 $200 ea

5823-30F8 – 10Amp twin core sheathed wire $2 p/m
5808-30TW – 100Amp twin core cable $6 p/m
5802-30RD – 255Amp single core battery cable (red) $25 p/m
5802-30BK – 255Amp single core battery cable (black) $25 p/m
(The cable part numbers are in 30 metre rolls. It is up to you to buy how many metres you require.)

53925 – 250Amp ANL type fuse x 2
54850 – 50Amp auto reset plastic circuit breaker x 1
56600 – Heat shrink assortment pack
56484 – Pipe clamps for conduit
(Conduit was purchased from an Electrical supplies shop such as Rexel or Auslech)
57133 – Battery cable lugs
57121 – Solar cable lugs
Various other small hardware such as nuts and bolts and screws can all be purchased from a hardware store.
(All quantities and component sizes may vary depending on your setup.)

You will require various electrical tools to complete all work. These and the full Narva product range can be found at:

The full Projecta range can be found at:

IM2000 information manual:

SC330D information manual:

SC300D (display) information manual:

SPP135 information manual:

All of this product can be purchased from an automotive or trucking spare parts store, or relative type of store.

Companies/Businesses likely to assist you with this kind of product are:
Truckline – Truck & Trailer Parts
CJD – Kenworth, DAF
Covs Parts – Automotive
Repco – Automotive
Auto Pro – Automotive.

Basically any retail outlet that has Narva or Projecta products sitting on their shelves can help you. When you enter these kinds of stores asking for prices, don’t hesitate to ask for cheaper prices or discounts. Make it look like you know what your doing, they will suspect you’re quoting around.

If you have any questions at all please ask away in the comments.


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