Couple builds Off Grid Solar Array on the Cheap, to Power their house, DIY

We built a huge solar array in our backyard. This build was done on the cheap with hand tools, scrap material, and used panels. Watch the video for all the details.

This is part of our mission to supply our home with all our energy while off the grid. We are not quite there yet, but this array should put us over the top.

We have plenty more videos on our channel showing our other arrays, house, garage, batteries, and inverter builds. Please watch them for a more complete picture.

We find deals on materials and panels by scouring Craigslist, and FB Marketplace. However, if you can’t find good used equipment, then I recommend Alt-E for great deals on Solar panels. If I was buying new panels from them I’d seriously consider this one: (Affiliate Link)

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Torque Wrench:

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Band Saw for Cutting Steel:

Steel Cutting Blades:

Galvanize Spray Paint:

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