Day18 Battery for Solar PV Application

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✔️Day 1 Introduction to Solar PV System
✔️Day 2 Fundamentals of MATLAB – Simulink
✔️Day 3 Solar PV Panels and Mounting Structure
✔️Day 4 Types and selection of solar modules
✔️Day 5 Selection of Tilt angle, Grounding system
✔️Day 6 PV Shading Effects
✔️Day 7 Power Converter Design
✔️Day 8 Non Isolated Power Converter
✔️Day 9 Isolated Power Converter Design
✔️Day 10 MPPT Basics
✔️Day 11 MPPT Design with PO Algorithm
✔️Day 12 MPPT Design with IC Algorithm
✔️Day 13 MPPT Design with Fuzzy Logic
✔️Day 14 Types of charge controllers and their selection techniques
✔️Day 15 Inverter Design
✔️Day 16 Off Grid Inverter Design
✔️Day 17 Types and selection of different solar inverters
✔️Day 18 Types and selection of batteries in solar energy systems.
✔️Day 19 Design of single line diagram of the PV system using the CAD Tools
✔️Day 20 Solar PV System Business Case Study
✔️Day 21 Arduino Micro Controller
✔️Day 22 Gate Drive Circuit Design
✔️Day 23 Sensor Circuit Design
✔️Day 24 Wind Energy Basics
✔️Day 25 Wind Energy Power System Design
✔️Day 26 Solar PV and Wind Energy System Integration
✔️Day 27 Design of protection of PV system
✔️Day 28 Solar PV Powered Electric Vehicle System
✔️Day 29 Design and components of the solar water pumping system
✔️Day 30 Research Concepts in Renewable Energy System

EV Design 1 Month Internship Rs 999.00
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Topics EV Design
✅ Day -1 Electric Vehicle | MATLAB – Simulink Introduction
✅ Day -2 Electric Vehicle Introduction
✅ Day -3 Forces on EV Calculations
✅ Day -4 Power for EV Calculations
✅ Day -5 Introduction to Power Electronics
✅ Day -6 Power Converter Design -1
✅ Day -7 Power Convert design – 2 Using MATLAB Simulink
✅ Day -8 Inverter Design MATLAB Simulink
✅ Day -9 Introduction to Electric Motor MATLAB Simulink
✅ Day -10 DC Motor Speed Control MATLAB Simulink
✅ Day -11 BLDC Motor Control MATLAB Simulink
✅ Day -12 AC Induction Motor Control MATLAB Simulink
✅ Day -13 PMSM Motor Control MATLAB Simulink
✅ Day -14 SRM Motor Control MATLAB Simulink
✅ Day -15 Introduction to Battery Modeling MATLAB Simulink
✅ Day -16 Battery Management System
✅ Day -17 SOC Estimation
✅ Day -18 Battery Protection
✅ Day -19 Simscape Introduction
✅ Day -20 Simscape Fundamentals
✅ Day -21 Vehicle Modeling Intro
✅ Day -22 Power Train Modeling
✅ Day -23 Vehicle Drive and Control
✅ Day -24 MCU for EV Application
✅ Day -25 Protocols for EV Application
✅ Day -26 Sensor Circuit Design for EV Application
✅ Day -27 Gate Drive Design for EV Application
✅ Day -28 Arduino Based Induction Motor Control
✅ Day -29 EV Model Fabrication Design
✅ Day -30 EV Model Vehicle Fabrication

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