DIY 9kW Grid Tie Ground Based Home Solar Panel System Installation

This is the process I went through, from unboxing materials, to full assembly, explanation, install and operation of a ground based DIY solar panel system for my residential home. (Paid links below)
I used Wholesale Solar, now Unbound Solar, for the solar components and Ready Rack for the racking system. The suppliers mentioned are the ones I used based on my own research.
One year savings review:
How much did it cost:
Planning Your Solar Array Episode 1:

01:17​ Solar Materials
05:21​ Racking Materials
07:27​ Establishing Build Site/ Finding Due South
09:17​ Rack Assembly/ Screw Installation
12:40​ Ground Cover
16:35​ Rack Assembly
23:45​ Solar Panel Install
25:12​ Solar Panel/Optimizer Wiring
34:17​ Combiner Box Detail
36:13​ Conduit from Array to Building
37:25​ Trenching
40:44​ Wiring Combiner Box
43:57​ Installing AC Disconnect
45:17​ Installing Inverter
48:35​ Inverter Running

Resource Links:
Power Optimizer:
10 AWG/Gauge Solar Cable:
Solar Crimping Tool:
Solar Panel Cable Connectors:
Solar Panel Connector Assembly Tool:
EV Charging Cable:
ArmorLay Commercial Grade Driveway Fabric:
Panel & Inverter package:
Racking System:
Wireless Lapel Mic:

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