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It’s finally here, our very own off grid solar panel system for our RV! Our new solar set up is simple, affordable and easy to install. We can now boondock in our truck camper self sufficiently without needing to be plugged into a power source or a generator 24/7. All the time learning and money spent is well worth the investment on this solar set up! Speaking of money, we chose to keep it simple and affordable as we are new to solar. All in all we spent well under $500 in our solar setup which includes the solar panel kit, inverter, and deep cycle battery. We will get more into detail about our setup in an upcoming YouTube video. This video concludes our Renovation Series!

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Stay tuned for the final result – Before and After on our truck camper!!

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Our Solar Setup: 200 Watts of Solar, 900 Watt Power Inverter, and (1) 100 amp hour deep cycle battery! (This is a very basic, simple, affordable, and effective starter kit !)

* Here are Amazon links to the Solar Panels and Inverter we purchased off Amazon (below). Remember our setup is simple and affordable, but it works great!

Solar Panel Kit with Charge Controller : We spent under $300 on these panels. After installing the panels we learned that monocrystalline panels are better then polycrystalline solar panels.. AND of course we have the monocrystilline panels. We have to say though, it’s been working great so far.

Here’s a link to the monocrystilline panels for a little over $300!

Now the inverter we purchased is 900 watts, which is enough wattage coverage for us. Here’s the link to the inverter

When we purchased this inverter it was at around $50. The prices are going up on these!! There is a great selection of inverters at affordable prices. You can also find great deals on Craigslist!!

The 100 amp hour deep cycle battery was purchased at a local hardware store for $100! You can find some good affordable batteries on Amazon like this one. Link :

Any purchases made through these shared links helps support this channel by a small percent of your Amazon purchase !! 🙂


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