Solaro Aire Attic Ventilation System Complete Professional Install.

The Solaro Aire™ was designed by experts in the art of air flow with years of aerodynamic engineering skills. The Solaro Aire™ will out perform all other products on the market today, not only in terms of air movement performance but also curb appeal. The Solaro Aire™ removes moisture that can cause mold and mildew in the winter and will thoroughly and effectively ventilate up to 1500 square feet during the hot summer months. Many of our competitors are overstating the performance of their products and we want you to be confident the products you purchase from us will do the job you expect them to do. The Solaro Aire™ doesn’t cost one penny to operate! It’s completely powered by the sun! The built-in 20 watt high performance proprietary custom solar panel will deliver the highest output of power, blowing all other products of its kind out of the water! Automatic thermostat option available to turn the high performance motor on when the attic space reaches 85°F so your attic will always stay cool, not to mention keep your energy bill down!

Solaro guarantees that our Solaro Aire will outperform any competitive solar fan by 30% to 200% or your money back! Here’s why:

Modeled after jet aircraft engine intake and exhaust systems, with specific curves on both the base and hood to give you more efficient airflow and a whisper quiet operation.
Constructed with spun aluminum you won’t need to worry about expansion issues in diverse weather. Built to last a lifetime.
Weather resistant powder coated finish on all exposed fan parts provide a handsome and durable finish.

High quality multicrystalline cell solar panels provide the power for all Solaro Aire™ fan styles.
Multiple layers of high tech aerospace grade material, including low iron super glass, sandwich our imbedded solar panels to provide highly sensitive light penetration. This proprietary process makes the Solaro Aire™ weatherproof in even the most severe weather conditions. No other solar panel is like ours.
Built-in thermostat option available to turn on the Solaro Aire™ when temperatures reach 85°F.
Removes heat during the hot summer months and removes moisture that can cause mold and mildew in the winter.


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