DS X E-Tense, Rep AOC & Tesla Solar Roof | Fully Charged News

In this latest instalment of Fully Charged News;
Robert Llewellyn discusses US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Rep AOC) giving Exxon climate change research scientists a grilling over ExxonMobil’s climate change cover up:

Original Tweet from @Birdman196007

Robert joins a select bunch of proper journalists on a Tesla Press Call webcast, during which Elon Musk discusses the Tesla Solar Roof v3 tiles and their place in the Tesla ’Big Picture’

Robert also reports from the poshest street in London where he gets to drive the PSA Group’s fantastical looking DS concept car, the DS X E-TENSE. It’s based around a DS Formula E drive unit but sadly given the location and armed police, he has to drive like a vicar.

There’s also an update on our upcoming episodes!

The Fully Charged Guide to Electric Vehicles & Clean Energy (book)

This episode is 100% guaranteed free from virtue signalling. But then again, maybe we’re just saying that for attention.

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