Easy Solar Power Panel System Install Tutorial – Off Grid Van Life, RV, Truck Camper, Home Inverter

Step by step tutorial on setting up and installing your own solar power panel system. Great for off grid living for van life, camper vans, RV’s, truck campers, or your home! I also include the use of an inverter which is great for powering appliances and electronics that don’t run off of 12V power.

I’ve had some questions from my followers on how I’ve supplied power while living and traveling in my truck camper. Hopefully this video can be helpful for those looking up how to install their own system. I setup a Renogy solar panel kit on my truck camper over 2 years ago and haven’t had any issues with it. It’s been super reliable and provided ample power for everything I’ve needed.

If you’re looking for this Renogy solar power kit, you’ll save 10% using the link below. Please note this discount code does not work for batteries.

If you’re looking for this Lion Energy Safari UT 1300 battery, you’ll save 15% using the link or code below:

OR promo code HANNAH at checkout.

The links above are affiliate links, if you decide to purchase through these links I will make a small commission. It helps support making these videos!

Full disclaimer, as I said in the video I’m not a licensed electrician or electrical engineer, I’m just a girl on YouTube=) this goes for other videos on youtube as well, you should always check with or consult with the manufacturer or your local electrician before installing. Electricity is dangerous and can cause harm, fire or kill!


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