Eco-Worthy Compact Vs. Renogy 100W Solar Panels

Find out which solar panel is more efficient. Amps and voltage short circuit testing and quality overview of the Renogy RNG-100D-SS and Eco-Worthy Compact ICO-SMCA-100W.

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In this video I’ll show the difference in build quality and power output between the Eco-Worthy and Renogy 100W solar panels. The Eco-Worthy panel costs slightly less, so is it at true bargain, or do you get what you pay for?
0:11 Unboxing Eco-Worthy Solar Panel
0:20 Quality Review of Eco-Worthy
1:13 Unboxing Renogy and Quality Review
1:48 Short Circuit Testing
2:39 Size Comparison between the solar panels
2:49 Summary of Test Results and Panel Efficiency
3:05 Frame Material Comparison
3:44 Final Summary and Conclusion

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