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Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today we’re gonna take a look at this REDARC 120 watt portable solar panel kit with the solar charge regulator. Now this kit will include everything I got laid out here on the table. Let’s start with the 120 watt portable solar panel, the 10 amp solar regulator, the 16 foot long Anderson to Anderson extension cable. And on this side, the five foot long Anderson, the battery clamp cable. And then it comes with this nice nylon padded case here that should be able to carry your panel in and store it.

Now, the application for this, this is designed to work with AGM flood lead acid and calcium batteries. Now, one note I do want to mention is this regulator that you get, it does come from the factory all set to work with just AGM batteries. So if you’re going to use it on a different battery, either the flood lead acid or the calcium batteries, it does have to be changed to the battery configuration and the way to change that is you have to use the remote monitor that we do sell separately on our website, it is part number R E D 83 VR. Just want to show you that insert there. There’s an example of what that monitor would look like.

And it’s listed on this product page as a related product. But once you get that monitor, you can plug it in to the regulator and it’ll let you change it to whatever battery type you’re using it on. If you’re going to use it on an AGM, then it doesn’t require that monitor. Now, this is a nice portable solar panel system, provides a charging solution for off grid adventures. You can park in the shade and then place the solar panel where you need it for maximum sunlight.

This is a 120 watt mono crystalline solar panel. It’ll use the sunlight to charge your RV’s battery. And just to show you how the panel works, let me move to the bag here. But it’ll come like this and what you’ll do is just unfold it. And then when you unfold it, if you look on the back, it has these adjustable legs that are clipped in.

You just unclip them, fold them out, lift up your panel, and then just angle it towards the sun. I forgot to show you. There is a plug and Anderson connector back here. You can see, that’s what’ll plug into your regulator. So once you get it all plugged in, put your legs out and then angle your solar panel where you need it. It is a, has a AETFE coating on it, which will protect the solar cells from any damage, helps gather the maximum amount of solar energy. And it’s very lightweight. This whole panel weighs about 14 pounds. Now the other parts I wanna zoom in and talk about, we talked about the 10 amp solar regulator right here. This is what’ll adjust the solar panel output for a nice, quick, consistent charge. It uses the multi-stage charging system which will help extend the battery life. Has indicator lights right over here that’ll light up that monitor your battery and regulator status. And what’s nice, right up at the top here on the regulator it will have a guide that will show you what those lights mean when they light up. And it does have a built in safety features to protect your electrical system. The five foot long Andersen, the battery clamp cable right here, this is what’ll connect to your REDARC solar regulator. You can see it’s plugged in on this side and then your battery clamps will quickly attach to your battery terminals. On the other side over here is the 16 foot long extension cable, This’ll let you park your RV in the shade and position your solar panels in the sun for maximum charge. The cable, as you can see, the Anderson connector will connect to the regulator and then that Anderson connector will connect to the back of the solar panel that I showed you. Now, a few specs on this. The solar regulator maximum power rating is 120 Watts for a 12 volt system, 240 Watts for a 24 volt system. This solar panel we mentioned is 120 Watts. Dimensions on this panel when it’s in the open position like it is now, length of it is 40 and nine sixteenths inches. The width this way is 28 and one eighth inches. And when it’s open it’s only about one inch deep or one inch thick if we close it. So in other words, if we flip this down, put our legs down, clip them into place, fold it all up for transporting it. Then you’re going to have the same width, from here to here, or I’m sorry, the width here is going to be 20 and one quarter inches. You’ll have the same width this way, 28 and one eighth inches. And then because it’s folded together gives you about two inch thickness.


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