Faces of Chemistry: Organic solar cells (BASF) – Video 2 (14+)

Ingmar Bruder, a scientist from BASF, explains the science involved in organic photovoltaics (organic solar cells). These organic solar cells were also used on the rooftop of the Smart Forvision car. Aimed at students aged 14+.

Faces of Chemistry comprise a set of short videos, aimed at students aged 11-19, which give insight into real-life applications of chemistry and highlight the latest cutting-edge research involved in making new products and technologies. Produced in collaboration with leading chemical companies and academic institutions, Faces of Chemistry also showcases the diversity of professional careers available to students of chemistry.

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With Hungarian subtitles provided by students of the ELTE University, Budapest, and edited by Bíborka Bohner.

Photography credits: © BASF, © Royal Society of Chemistry, © Jupiter Images, © Thinkstock, © fotolia, © iStockphotos


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