Flying Squirrel Search Optimization MPPT For Solar PV System

Flying Squirrel Search Optimization MPPT For Solar PV System

This study proposes a method for tracking GMPP based on Flying Squirrel Search Optimization (FSSO). The original FSSO is modified to update the squirrel’s position without the presence of a predator in order to achieve an effective adoption with a much-reduced convergence time. A Boost DC-DC converter is used to extract the most power possible under various irradiance and temperature for an experimental investigation of the proposed scheme. The tracking efficiency is increased, the steady-state response is non-oscillatory, and the transients are reduced by the proposed method. Under various irradiance and temperature, the proposed strategy outperforms popular maximum power point tracking (MPPT) strategies based on Perturb & Observe (P&O).

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The Course on “MATLAB Modelling of Solar PV system explore about following;
1. MATLAB modelling of Solar PV cell and Solar PV Array Using a mathematical equation.
2. How to find I-V and PV Characteristics of the modelled solar PV array in MATLAB.
3. MATLAB Implementation of Maximum Powerpoint Algorithm for solar PV array with a stand-alone system.
4. MATLAB Implementation of solar MPPT charger controller for a solar PV system.
5. MATLAB Implementation of a grid-connected solar PV system.

MATLAB Files included:
– Modelling of Solar PV Array

– MPPT control of Solar PV Array

– MPPT charger controller

– Grid-connected solar PV system

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