Full Beginners Guide : How to Install Solar Panels on a RV Roof – 300w Renogy + 60 amp MPPT Rover

In this video I install 300 watts of Renogy monocrystalline solar panels on my toyota 1989 motorhome, this video is meant to be a full beginner guide of how to install solar panels from start to finish, including how to mount the panels on your RV, van, or tiny house roof. how to run your solar wire to your solar charge controller, and how to add safety precautions like adding fuses and breakers. I also show you the renogy app for the 60 amp rover charge controller. Hopefully this video is helpful for you, let me know any questions you have in the comment section below!
also if you want to see the rest of this toyota motorhome renovation check out this playlist and subscribe to my channel!

Renogys Website!

Listed below if everything i mentioned in this video
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100 Watt Monocrystalline solar panels

60 amp MPPT Charge controller

MC4 connectors

Cable entry box

Bluetooth Module

Solar cable

Z brackets

No drill mounting brackets

RV tilting brackets

12V DC-DC charger

Use Code Differentmedia at checkout!

Will prowses 400 watt install video

Video shot by Forrest Stevens

Video edited by Forrest Stevens

Links to help the show.


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