Grounding Solar PV System, DIY, on Pallets

I built a solar PV (photovoltaic) system in my front yard. In this video I’m increasing safety by grounding the panels and rails. I’m using a 6 gauge stranded copper wire. The lugs are tinned copper with stainless steel hardware.

The solar panels are mounted onto a ballast ground mount I made from free pallets. Check out some of my other videos for all the details on how I made these. They came out sturdy.

In one of my previous videos I had Kevin over to critique my system. Kevin is a solar expert, and designs systems for a living. He found several flaws that I will be addressing in future videos. His main concern was lack of grounding, which is why I’m tackling it first.

After securing all the panels and rails together, I ran the copper wire to a grounding rod. This is one of two existing grounding rods on my property that were installed by a licensed electrician, and inspected. I’m a little surprised that it is sticking up out of the ground because I thought that was against the rules. But I’m not an electrician.

Grounding Lugs:

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