GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM – Installation (English)

GSE Integration designs and manufactures an integration system for framed photovoltaic panels that is simple, lightweight, watertight and inexpensive- aka GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM.

The kit can be installed in portrait or landscape format on both small installations (less than 3 kWp) and large ones (several hundred kWp). The GSE Integration system can be fitted to wooden or metal structures from 12° to 50° pitch.

– Photovoltaic modules can be installed in all roof types.

– Modules can be installed on 12° to 50° pitch.

– Compatible with virtually all photovoltaic panels on the market.

– Portrait or landscape format installation.

– Meets the CEIAB 2012 standard, MCS012 Certification, and T4-Broof standards

– Integration and watertightness come from installing the steel trough with a fixing system on high point. GSE Integration allows

– Photovoltaic modules to be fitted to any roof cover (Roman, interlocking or flat tiles, slate or steel troughs) on new and renovated buildings.

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