Half Cut Vs Mono Vs Poly Solar Panel – Comparison + Live Current Test + Advantages & Disadvantages

If you are planning to buy a solar panel but confused among so many different types then this video is for you.

In this video, I’ve compared Half Cut Solar Panel with Mono Solar panel & Poly Solar Panel. I’ve compared various factors such as solar panel design, look, dimensions, current generation capacity, advantages and disadvantages, etc.

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Video Contents:

00:00 Introduction
01:26 Poly Solar Panel Review
02:01 Solar Cell Design of Poly, Mono & Half Cut Panels
02:56 Bus Bar Difference in Poly, Mono & Half Cut Panels
03:30 Advantages of Half Cut Solar Panel
05:40 How to identify different solar panels
07:34 Dimensions of Poly, Mono & Half Cut Panels
09:48 Current & VOC in Poly, Mono & Half Cut Panels (Live Testing)

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