HONDA FIT/JAZZ CAMPER – GK5 – Thule Canyon 240 Watt Solar Roof Rack Build – With Recovery Gear!

Back in October of 2020 I wanted to redesign my roof rack to utilize the storage space in the cargo basket. My Florida road trip was fast approaching and I didn’t have time to mess around with it. Several months later it was crunch time again but I still took a chance at it and it turned out quite well. My only complaint was the THULE cargo basket diffuser which is known for not being stable in the first place. Even though I took extra precaution in securing it down (with more clamps) it still blew away under normal driving conditions.
HONDA FIT/JAZZ – GK5 – Renogy Solar Panel Install (No Drilling)

HONDA FIT/JAZZ – GK5 – Solar Setup – “Spare-tire Solar Storage Box”

Taking My Honda Fit/Jazz Camper to the Drag Strip


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