How Elon Musk Is Building The First Solar Powered Town in The US

How Elon Musk Is Building The First Solar Powered Town in The US

Tesla founder Elon Musk is turning a neighborhood in Austin, Texas, into a solar-powered destination. In a new partnership with real estate developer Dacra and alternative asset manager Brookfield Asset Management, Tesla has already begun construction on the neighborhood in Southeast Austin, The Independent reported.

This neighbourhood, Teslaville, is being described as the world’s first Tesla Solar neighbourhood, as well as America’s most sustainable residential community: development of newly built homes that will feature Tesla Solar Roof Tiles and Powerwall battery storage systems. The initiative, a joint venture between Tesla Energy, Brookfield Asset Management and real estate company Dacra, will install Tesla’s V3 solar roof tiles and Powerwall 2 battery systems as part of Brookfield Residential’s Easton Park community in Austin. The Tesla-powered homes, which will also feature energy efficient appliances and electric vehicle charging stations, will be limited to the provisionally named SunHouse community, which will be designed and marketed separately to the rest of the Easton Park development.

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