How Much Roof Space Do I Need for My Solar Panels

How much roof space is needed for solar panels:

SOLARINSTALLGURU.COM LLC specializes in Zero or very little out of cost Solar Power System Installation. Are you interested in solar panel installation but have been putting it off due to the high solar panel installation cost? If the answer is yes, you are not alone; many homeowners have been missing out on the opportunity to save money by slashing their electricity bill by 90%. We will show you step-by-step how you can generate cash with solar panel installation without spending a dime from your pocket. As a matter of fact, you will learn solar panel installation techniques with little or no out of pocket cost. You will also learn solar energy facts for your home and business. We cover in detail the pros and cons of solar energy and solar energy systems.

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All homeowners have a rooftop where the sun shines. Most of the homeowners are not making good use of that precious space for cash generation. We want each and every homeowner to understand that they are missing out on a huge opportunity. Every day you wait; you are losing money. We provide proven, successful, risk-free, guaranteed and zero-cost steps of solar panel installation techniques, which will produce solar power for your home. You start making money from day one. You might be skeptical at first and I don’t blame you.

Download your personal copy of the FREE eBook titled “101 ways to install a solar system with little or no out of pocket cost” from

We want you to educate yourself and learn the facts about solar energy at Don’t rush in making the decision, because solar energy systems are not going anywhere and neither is your rooftop. Take your time; learn the facts about solar energy by downloading your personal copy of our FREE eBook, attending our FREE online training, browsing our blogs and watching educational videos. After you feel confident about the monetary and environmental savings you will reap, only after that, decide if solar energy is right for you. When you are comfortable with the pros and cons of solar energy, we can help you with cash generation.

We walk with you from start to finish. You might have already learned a lot from reading our eBook, attending online training, browsing blog topics and watching videos at If they were not enough, we have developed 7 points solar energy audit system where each and every step is to evaluate your unique situation and make sure your property is suitable for solar panel installation. The solar energy audit is two parts system. The first part is pre-solar evaluation and the second part is a post-solar evaluation. The pre-solar evaluation is a 3 point evaluation system where your house is evaluated for solar readiness. If the house is solar panel installation ready, only then, we even consider a post-solar evaluation. The post-solar evaluation is a 4 point evaluation system where our solar energy expert analyzes your energy bill for 12 months, runs a tool which analyzes last 20 years worth of weather data and comes up with a solar energy suitability report. Your property gets a solar energy suitability score. If the score is not high enough, we don’t recommend you to install solar energy as it won’t be profitable. If the score is high enough and our solar energy expert thinks that power generation can’t be hindered due to shading, you will be provided information with the next steps. Based on the information, you have the option to go ahead with the solar panel installation or not. If you do decide, our certified solar energy installation partners will install the solar energy system for your home or business.

Solar panel roof space is a must ask for everyone that is interested in solar energy system installation. The two main factors that affect solar panel roof space are the amount of unshaded roof area and the efficiency of your panels. Find out how:





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