How Solar panels work & experiment, what is Solar energy, Hindi

Learn, what is solar energy, how solar panels work, solar cell working in Hindi. Solar panel power, output voltage-current relation, PV and IV curve, wattage, use, a practical experiment for getting solar power or solar energy is explained in Hindi in this video tutorial. IV, PV curve characteristics, working concept, experiments of the output voltage & current, power, IV curve of a solar cell, PV curve of a solar cell, advantage, disadvantage and characteristics are explained in Hindi video lecture. What is a solar cell or panels? A solar cell converts sunlight or solar energy (one of the renewable energy sources) into electrical energy using a photovoltaic effect and generates DC voltage/current. The solar cell is also called the Photovoltaic cell or PV cell. Maximum load, short circuit current, open-circuit voltage, the voltage at maximum power are explained and experiments are done with 9 volts solar panel. This will help in designing a solar energy project and system. The advantage and disadvantage of the solar cell, solar cell output parameters are explained. Educational tutorials on electronics and electrical engineering in Hindi 256 by G K Agrawal (Gopal Krishna Agrawal).

00:00 – Solar panel introduction
02:50 – Solar cell voltage
04:28 – Solar cell I-V power curve
08:08 – Solar cell voltage experiment
08:44 – Short circuit current of solar cell
10:09 – Maximum power of solar cell
11:32 – Advantage & disadvantage of solar panel

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The lecture is given by a person with industrial experience and useful for electrical, electronic communication and power electronics engineering students & projects.

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You learn about the solar panels, solar energy a one of the renewable energy sources, clean energy, solar cell working in Hindi in this video. Also, learn the working of Solar panels in Hindi. Solar panel output. #GKAgrawal #ElectEnggByDesigner #Electricity #SolarPower #SolarCell #PVCell #SolarPanel #SolarEnergy #SolarPower #RenewableEnergy


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