How to Build a Solar Panel Roof Rack

I have been in the solar powered vehicle scene long enough to know that all designs eventually develop some kind of roof rack to hold panels. And most of the initial prototypes fail (mine included). This video takes a look at some of the mistakes I made with my first version, and the methods I believe will help DIY solar engineers build solar panel racks that will withstand extreme winds, and the test of time.

Here is a link to purchase a solar panel watt meter:

Here are the slides I used. They have withstood speeds of up to 70mph:

EconomEV of the Week: 2019 Bolt for $14,900:

EconomEV of the Week: Solar Panel for fixed roof rack. Priced at $0.3/watt!:

My Patreon Page: I post a graph of the vehicle’s battery degradation here. Graphed in terms of miles/kwh.

The DIY Solar Power Forum:

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