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A breakthrough invention in the field of sustainable energy, Atum is an Integrated Solar Roofing System that serves all the functions of a traditional roof, whilst generating energy for you.
A solar industry in India, we manufacture integrated solar panels with a cement base. It reduces thermal conductivity better than a traditional roof while enhancing the appearance of your roof.Unlike other solar panels which need to be separately mounted upon a racking system and placed on the truss, Atum is both – the roof and the solar panel. It provides a sleek and simpler integrated solar roofing system that increases energy generation by 20%.

*Product Highlights
-Solar Board with a density of 1250kg/cum thus increasing lifespan
-Increased efficiency due to thermal conductivity of 0.072 W/mtK
-Thermal Insulation reduces the temperatures by 35-40%
-Customizable sizes for larger orders
-Partnerships with battery and inverter manufacturers to make the process faster and easier
-Can be used on the building faced to gain maximum surface area and increase efficiency
-Recover your investment in just 5 years

What makes ATUM different?
-When compared to GV sheets, ATUM generates no noise and minimises the effects of heat & rain.
-No need of an insulation mat under the roof
-No rust formation; product lasts for more than 25 years
-Fire resistant & Electric Shock Proof compared to Galvalume sheets which are dangerous and can cause shock & electrocution
-Non-Hazardous material when compared to Galvalume sheets which conduct radiations and may cause health hazards

Teenmaar News:
మూడు పార్టీల మున్సిపల్ రాజకీయం,మందు దుక్నం లూటీ చేసిన దొంగ

ముగ్గులు వేస్తే కార్పొరేట్ టికెట్

ఫోన్ లోకంల పద్మ

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