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This video was created to educate homeowners on the process of getting the best solar deal possible when considering going solar for your residence.

By watching this video you will be educated on what to watch out for when going solar to get the best deal imaginable. To get the best overall deal you need to know four things.

1. You need to know how many kilowatt-hours are using

2. You need to know the price per kilowatt-hour you’re paying at the moment with your utility company

3. You need to be able to you need to know repairs needed to take place

4. You will need to be able to negotiate referrals for a discounts

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I’m Keenen, aka Solar Ken Da Energy King, a Solar Energy Design & Marketing specialist living in Houston, Texas. I create custom solar designs & layouts for homeowners considering switching their home to a cleaner version of energy. Also, I make videos around marketing, productivity, and optimization of your solar design creation process.


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Keenen Knowles, aka Solar Ken Da Energy King, is Top solar industry influencer for the renewable energy community. He is a solar dealer who’s been in the solar industry for 5+ years under Titan Solar Power which is one of the largest & fastest growing residential installers in the United States. I designing solar systems for new homeowners looking to eliminate their electricity costs


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