How To Make Solar Panel At Home – Using Old Mobile Battery || Solar Cell At Home!!!

How To Make Solar Panel At Home Using Old Battery || Solar Cell At Home!!!

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In this video I will show you “How to make solar panels with foil paper – solar panels are very easy”This solar panel is very powerful and easy to make and anyone can easily make it at home. This solar panel can give power up to 3.7volt With this solar panel you can use any type of fan, light, motor, solar light different types of batteries in 3.7volt etc. It is very easy to make and you can make it with the things that are left in your house. You can make a solar panel and use it as you wish so make it very easy. After watching our video I hope that it has been shown very easily how to make this solar panel.

The things I used :
1. Wire
2. Super Glue
3. White Paper
3. Magnet Paper
4. Old Mobile Battery

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