How we built a solar panel system on our backyard shed to reduce power bills.

See how we installed a photovoltaic solar system on our backyard shed garage workshop. We installed solar panels to reduce our power bill and hopefully someday be able to charge up an electric car. The system feeds power back into the electric grid via a net metering agreement with our power company and a special electric meter.
It cost about $4500 for the system so far.
The system includes: 6 330W panels, 6 220W panels (which we are changing out to 330W in a few months.
-Rapid shutdown controller with external switch.
-6KW inverter
-30 amp breaker feeding the sub panel in the garage.
-Wiring for the panels is 600V external rated cabling
-Wiring from the inverter to the AC panel is 10/3 romex wire with a positive, negative, neutral, and ground.
-#6 bare copper ground wire

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