Installing Our Budget RV Power System Part 1 // Solar Power System For Boondocking

Understanding your RV power system is important if you ever want to modify it in a way that makes your RV more efficient and powerful.

In this episode, we show you how we modified and upgraded our DC electric power system to include bigger and more reliable AGM RV batteries, a hardy 2000-watt inverter, and a solar panel system that included 640 watts of power.

We also show you how we install a great battery monitor to be able to know our battery bank’s state of charge at any point in the day, as well as the amount of power we are drawing from it.

Before we finish this episode we also pre-wire our solar panel system so that once we install our solar panels on our roof we will be able to simple connect the wiring and close the breakers to become 100% energy independent on the road.

But to get there we decided to streamline our DC power system by adding positive and negative buss bars, built our own short run of wiring to keep the system safe and running efficiently and turned a small space beneath our couch into a power distribution center capable of supplying all of the power we would need on the road.

What you need:
* 175W Solar Panels:
* 40 Amp MPPT Charge Controller:
* Battery Monitor:
* Best AGM Battery:
* Best Lithium Battery:
* 15 amp in-line fuse:
* Y-Connectors:
* 30 amp breaker:
* 40 amp breaker:
* Z-brackets:
* 2AWG wire:
* 6 AWG wire:
* 10 AWG wire:
* Solar wire crimpers:
* 2AWG wire crimpers:
* 2AWG Lugs:
* Cable Entry Box:
* Butyl Tape:
* Lap Sealant:

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