Know Your Wisconsin – Wisconsin Operating Engineers Solar Panel Installation

Know Your Wisconsin: Wisconsin Operating Engineers Solar Panel Installation

Did you know that the shift to a more balanced approach to energy production is well underway in our state? Learn how members of the Wisconsin-based Operating Engineers Local 139 are playing a major role in that transition. Terry McGowan, President and Business Manager for the Operating Engineers Local 139 explains, “this isn’t anything that just happened recently, this is something that’s been mapped out for a while and we’re executing it right now. Currently we have a lot of members that are running heavy equipment on the old fossil fuel plants in demolition exercises and at the same time we’re working on a 150-megawatt solar energy farm in Wood County, Wisconsin. This is really good work, it’s something that we have shifted towards, we have trained our members.” This is a huge investment that is already paying off for all of Wisconsin.

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