Lake Lite 12v Boat Lift Solar System Wiring Instructions

12v Boat Lift Solar System

Our most popular kit provides the perfect charge for 12v DC boat lift systems using a single 12v battery. Our high quality solar panel will keep your boat lift battery in top condition so your electic DC lift motor has the power to raise and lower your boat when your ready to get out on the water or out of it. Perfect for the average weekend user and or light to medium weight boats. If you require several lifts per day and or have a heavier boat please consider our larger 20 watt panels.


No regulator required
High Efficient Monocrystalline Solar cells
Anodized Aluminum frame
Mounts to any boat lift
Panel Lifetime rated at 20+ years
Can be used for 12v DC boat lifts and boats
Very easy to install
Adjustable angle for maximum solar charge
Angular design allows for panel to clear canopy covers

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