Make a Solar Panel Monitoring System | ESP32 Energy Monitoring

In this video, I will show you how to make a simple solar panel monitoring system.

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Download the Enclosure Files:

By using this device you can monitor the following parameters:
1. Voltage
2. Current
3. Power
4. Energy
5. Ambient Temperature
You can also know how much money you are saying by using the Solar Panel.


Input Voltage – 24V ( Max )
Current – 15A ( Max )

You can increase the input voltage range, by selecting appropriate resistors on the voltage divider circuit.

Buy Components from LCSC:

Materials Used :

1. PCB

2. ACS723 Current Sensor:

3. Resistors:

4. Ceramic Capacitors: /

5. XL7015 Module:

6. 0.96″ OLED Display:

7. ESP32 ( 30 pins ) :

8. Header Pins:

9. Screw Terminal -3P -3.5mm pitch:

10. Big Screw Terminal 9.52mm pitch

11. Temperature Sensor – DS18B20:

12. Soldering Flux:

13. Soldering Paste:


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