Master Design of 10kW ONGRID Rooftop Solar System-Case Study – learn Engineering

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Master Design of 10kW ONGRID Rooftop Solar System-Case Study – learn Engineering
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Get A to Z Knowledge of Rooftop Solar Power Plant Installation from Basics to Advanced with Prof. Kiran Beldar
How to Gather Basic Information about Site,Roof top Area Assessment in Google earth software,Manual Assessment of Roof Orientation and Material of Construction,Generation of Sunpath Chart,Substation Details and Metering Room Details,Collection of Utility Electricity Bills and Calculation of Average Power Demand,Recommendation on Optimum Solar Installation Capacity,Generation of Feasibility Study Report in Word Document,Selection Of Solar Panels And Array Sizing,Design And Placement Of Solar Array,Introduction to Google sketch up Software,Preparation of Model in Google sketchup Software,Mounting of Solar Panels over Roof and Shadow Analysis in Sketch up Software,Energy Yield Estimation,Calculation of Energy yield estimation,Specific Energy Yield Estimation and Performance Ratio,Monthly Energy Generation by Solar Power Plant,Monthly Energy Generation of Solar Power Plant in PVWatt,Selection of Inverter and Number of MPPTs,Selection of ACDB and DCDB (String Combiner Box),Selection of Solar Net Meter,Design Of DC Cable,Design Of AC Cable (Armoured Cable),Design of Mounting Structure,Detail Circuit Diagram of 10kW On Grid Rooftop Solar System,List of Material required for 10kW Solar Plant Construction,Projected Cost of the Project,10kW Solar Plant Financial Model Considering 100% Equity and 0% Loan Investment,Profit and Loss Account,Tax Calculation,Cash Flow Analysis,Calculation of Equity turn around, IRR, NPV and Payback Period,Summary of Model,Design Report of 10kW of Rooftop Solar System in Microsoft word
Note book,Calculator,Microsoft Excel,Pen,Welcome to your course “”Master Design of 10kW ON-GRID Roofop Solar System-Case Study”” this course is designed for the students who wants to endeavour their knowledge in rooftop solar power plant designing for their projects, for the solar technician who wants to know optimum power generation from the solar power plant, for the job seekers who wants to get jobs in solar industry, for the entrepreneur who wants to make career in solar energy.,This course is the explains the very basic concept belongs to rooftop solar installation design. The one who is completing the course will able to do all manual design calculation which are required for designing any solar rooftop power plant. The learner of course will get scientific idea of each an every components needed for rooftop solar power plant.,Electrical EngineersMechanical EngineersSolar EntrepreneurSolar InstallerSolar Job SeekerThose who want to learn,Electrical Engineers,Mechanical Engineers,Solar Entrepreneur,Solar Installer,Solar Job Seeker,Those who want to learn


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