My Grid Tie Batteryless Solar Panel Setup

Showing everyone my whole grid tie batteryless solar panel system. It is dead simple and wiring plugs into my wall. It’s mostly a test bed for me to tinker with for fun. It has the advantage of providing a small amount of electricity during peak hours.

Get $10 with OhmConnect (CA and TX only):
Kill-a-watt energy measuring device:

DISCLAIMER: Before purchasing any products, know that in order to feed power to the grid, it is required to have a contract in place with your utility company. Since solar products generate live electricity, these things require proper installation for safe usage. Improper usage and even not installing a breaker at the power output of this system could cause fire and/or death in rare cases. Please use these products at your own risk. Just because it is sold on the market does not mean using them guarantees safety.

Solar Panel:
Grid Tie Inverter:
Short Pig tails to connect to connectors:

Note that a grid tie connection to your utilities typically requires a contact with your electric company. Check with your utility company before attempting any grid tie system installation yourself.

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