Our Airstream RV Mobile Power Solution – Solar Power and more

Several months ago I posted a video about our Airstream Solar Power system that we had just gotten installed. This video is the follow up to that one.

Living with the solar power system for over 6 months we’ve learned a lot about it. 600 Watts of power was perfect for how we use our Airstream when boondocking. Other RV’ers might want a system larger than ours, and some might want a smaller system. It all depends on your needs.

As an FYI, this is not a video about DIY (Do it yourself) solar installations. We had a professional install our system as we did not want to risk damaging the Airstream that has been “home” for a decade now. There are many quality DIY videos out there that might be more worth your time than this one.

With that said, this video talks about our needs and solutions for dry camping and being able to work from the road with our mobile power solution. What we did and why we did it. If you’re planning a solar power system for your RV, be sure to do your research, and also keep in mind what you want the power system to do for you. Everyone’s needs are different.

Big thanks to for installing our system. Marvin of Precision RV took the time to discuss our needs and make recommendations on building the right system for us.

Check out our updated Airstream Solar Series for 2018, 7 Days of Solar here:

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