Portable Solar Panel Comparison, 11 Different Models! Sunpower, Baldr, Rockpals, Bluetti, and More!

Looking for a portable solar panel to charge your gadgets while camping? Jeff and I have combined all of our portable folding solar panels into one video and we compared their performance and features against each other. We have 11 solar panels total we discuss in this video! Check out the video time stamps to jump to where you want to watch! You’ll see Baldr, Rockpals, Sunpower, Bluetti, Newpowa, and more!

You can read more about and purchase the solar panels in the links below:

1) Newpowa 60 Watt Panel:

2) Sunpower 50 Watt Panel: (JEFF’S FAVORITE)

3) Rockpals RP082 100 Watt Panel: (JASON’S FAVORITE)

4) ECOworthy 80 Watt Panel:
Available on Ebay occasionally
5) Baldr 120 Watt Panel: (JEFF’S FAVORITE)

6) Bluetti SP200 200 Watt Panel:

7) PowerECO 100 Watt Panel:

8) Allpowers 100 Watt Panel:

9) Lensun 80 Watt Panel:

10) RockPals SP003 100 Watt Panel:

11) Newpowa 100 Watt Glass Panel:

The use of Amazon affiliate links provide a small commission for me when you use them. Thanks for supporting my channel content and allowing me to do future comparison videos! More videos coming soon!

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Video Time Stamps:
Introduction: (0:00)
Testing Method: (0:25)
1) Newpowa 60 watt: (1:55)
2) Sunpower 50 watt flexible: (3:48)
3) Rockpals 100 watt RP082: (6:04)
4) ECOworthy 80 watt: (8:43)
5) Baldr 120 watt: (10:08)
6) Bluetti SP200 watt: (12:15)
7) PowerECO 100 watt: (13:34)
8) Allpowers 100 watt: (15:21)
9) Lensun 80 watt: 16:15: (16:15)
10) Rockpals 100 watt SP003: (17:51)
11) Newpowa 100 watt: (20:14)
Our Recommended Best Panels: (21:08)
Types of Portable Power Stations: (22:50)
Charging Portable Batteries with Solar: (28:17)
Final Thoughts: (31:13)

Newpowa: Save 5% on using JASONOID at checkout

Video Tags:
Portable Solar Panel Review, 100 Watt Solar Panel, 200 Watt Solar Panel, Folding solar panel, MPPT, BattleBorn LiFePO4 battery, Bluetti EB70, 80AH Aliexpress Cells


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