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Available in Australia:

You’re camping, the drinks are cold, and your food is fresh. You don’t want to go home, right? With the power of Ridge Ryder solar panels, you don’t have to!

Ridge Ryder gives you plenty of options to plan the best solar setup. For hard mounting on the top of your vehicle or van – there are 110 watt, or 160 watt slimline panels in stealth black – complete with a mounting kit.

If you prefer a more portable approach to camping power, maybe the 160 watt FOLDING panel is for you. It’s easily set up in minutes, can be angled on its stand to face the sun; and includes and Anderson plug extension lead.

The most powerful panel is also the most portable! The folding solar blanket cranks out two hundred watts and works nicely folded out over a bonnet or windscreen. Move it around with the Anderson plug extension lead, and stow it just about anywhere in the handy carry bag.

All four of these solar panels are built on Monocrystalline solar technology, and sealed from the elements with an IP68 dust AND waterproof certification. Each panel includes a maximum power point tracking charge controller for over and under discharge protection, short circuit detection AND automatic reverse polarity cut out.

Check out the all new Ridge Ryder solar panels at Supercheap Auto today.

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