Rooftop Solar PV System for Home

All questions on rooftop solar PV system for home like solar panels price in India, net metering, on-grid solar system, off-grid system, solar subsidy in India and residential solar system are answered by Abhishek Dabas, CEO of Zolt Energy.

इंडिया में अपने घर के लिए रूफटॉप सोलर सिस्टम के साथ मुफ्त बिजली प्राप्त करें। इस वीडियो में ज़ोल्ट एनर्जी के सीईओ अभिषेक डाबस ने सौर पैनलों, नेट मीटरींग, ग्रिड सौर प्रणाली, ऑफ ग्रिड सिस्टम, सोलर सब्सिडी और सोलर सिस्टम लागत से संबंधित सभी सवालों का जवाब दिया है।

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In this video, we have explained:
What is the rooftop solar power system?
Solar is a renewable energy or sustainable energy. How it helps generate green energy?
How residential solar system works?
How the rooftop solar system helps with cutting down the electricity bills?
What is net metering?
What is the difference between on-grid and off-grid rooftop solar system?
What is the cost of the rooftop solar power system?
How much space the rooftop solar system requires?
What are the basic requirements for rooftop solar system installation?
What are the maintenance requirements for the Solar PV cells and Solar PV modules?
How much solar subsidy is given in India?
Is there any performance warranty given for rooftop solar PV system or solar panels?
What financing options are available for the solar PV system for home?

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