S. Korean researchers develop transparent solar cells that can be installed on windows and cars

유리창에 설치해 전기 생산…’투명 태양전지’ 개발

Researchers in South Korean have developed what could be a breakthrough technology for eco-friendly cars and homes.
They’ve come up with a see-through solar cell… that could one day be installed seamlessly on windows.
They have also created a new kind of ‘smart window’ that automatically gets dark in the daytime.
Choi Min-jung reports.
Black solar panels are densely lined up on a mountain.
These panels can produce energy, but at the same time pose negative environmental threats.
To minimize these hazards, researchers from the Korea Institute of Energy Research have developed a new technology,… the transparent solar cell.

“The transparent solar cell we developed has an efficiency of 10-percent on the front and 15-percent on both sides. We have reached the world’s highest level, for solar cells that transmit light and exhibit this level of efficiency.”

Although efficiency is not as high as what is currently available,… the thin and transparent solar cells can be applied to various objects like windows and cars.

Researchers have also developed a ‘smart window’.
This transparent film turns dark once it is exposed to light.
And when applied to glass, it allows windows to automatically become darker during the day, and more transparent at night.

“It takes three minutes to become dark, and around 30 minutes to return to its original state. The time it takes to return to the original state depends on which product it will be used for.”

The ‘smart window’ is expected to play a significant role in reducing energy consumption,… as it can act as a window blind during summer.
Choi Min-jung, Arirang News.


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2021-04-11, 12:00 (KST)


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