Scalable Solar Panel Ground Mount: Full Installation

In a previous video we showed off our universal solar panel mounting system, the Scalable Ground Mount. Today, Mike walks you through the entire assembly process, from finding a location to securing your panels!

00:00 – Intro
01:19 – Site planning
02:11 – Mount overview
02:55 – Layout
03:48 – Digging postholes
04:16 – Mounting vertical posts
04:59 – Unboxing the Ground Mount
06:05 – Assembling rails
07:48 – Cutting vertical posts
09:49 – Placing tees
09:58 – Installing top bars
10:33 – Tightening screws and U-bolts
11:00 – Installing rail adapter plates and rails
12:54 – Measuring for panel placement
13:24 – Mounting solar panels
14:02 – The complete Ground Mount

Watch more on the Scalable Ground Mount here:

To read the Scalable Ground Mount user manual, go here:


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