Simple DIY Camper Van Solar Power System (Only $1,000)

This is a quick video showing all the components of our simple DIY camper van solar power system. We designed and installed this solar power system for only $1,000! It has met all of our electrical power needs while living in the van for 5 months while on the road.

The system includes 2 – 100 W Renogy solar panels installed in parallel on the roof. A 20-A Renogy MPPT charge controller to regulate the current between the panels and the battery, keeping the battery sufficiently charged. The battery is a 100-AH AGM Deep Cycle battery. Our system powers LED lights, a roof fan, a dual USB charger, and a 400-W inverter.

Here’s nearly all of the items we used (in the order discussed in the video):

Solar Panels and Charge Controller –
MC4 Branch Connectors –
MC4 “In-Line” Fuse –
Weatherproof Cable Entry –
ANL Fuse –
Solar Battery –
6-Circuit Fuse Block –
Assorted Blade Fuses –
LED Lights –
Dimmer –
Toggle Switch –
USB Port –
Inverter –

Here’s some of the best resources we found online while designing and installing our solar power system:

Exploring Alternatives “How to Calculate Your Needs” (Best Place to Start) –

Gnomad Home “DIY Van Build Electrical” (Incredibly Detailed) –

A Girl and Her Van “Guide to Going Solar” – (Really simple) –

Renogy Solar Sizing Calculator –

Blue Sea Systems “Choosing the Correct Wire Size for a DC Circuit” –

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