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Cheap solar panel system for beginners. This setup will power lights and computers. Product Info Below. Watch My Newest Vid:

Here’s a breakdown of my simple solar panel system diagram. Start with a good quality solar panel, put it in the sunniest part of your yard up off the ground. Calculate the ideal angle the panel should tilt. This makes a big difference, believe me.

The unit we used is no longer available, this is a good solar panel kit for the money, the controllers are what usually break with solar panel kits:

If you want to site this in your yard, you will need to splice the outdoor power cord in between the output of the panel and the input of the controller.

We ran a high quality outdoor rated extension cord from the solar panel into the basement where we have the batteries and the controller. I cut a slot in the ground with a straight shovel, and buried the power cord about 4″ deep. Be sure to check with Call Before You Dig before digging, OK?

We use two 6 volt deep discharge batteries golf cart batteries, these must be located in a well ventilate area. Buy these locally. The cord from the solar panel connects to the controller, and then controller connects to the batteries.

The solar panel controller connects to the 12 volt wires you will run to your low voltage outlets and lights.

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