Sizing Grid-tie Solar Power Systems – Solar FYI

How to determine the amount of power you need in kilowatts so you can purchase the proper size solar off grid or grid tie system.

We sell complete DIY off-grid, grid-tie and battery backup systems!

Learn about DIY solar installations, sales and news: is your source for discount prices on solar panels and renewable energy products for home power, back-up power, off-grid & grid-tied residential, marine and RV power systems.

We design and sell renewable energy systems for projects large and small, for homeowners, do-it-yourselfers, contractors, installers, electricians, and developers.

Call one of our experienced solar design techs to talk about your project at 1-800-472-1142. If you have your most recent electric bill handy, we’ll be able to get started with the design process right away.

Our staff has over 200 years cumulative experience designing solar power systems!


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