Skoolie Solar Deck/Roof Rack Installation: School Bus Conversion Ep 17

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Music by TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb:

In this video we installed solar racks made for residential pitched roofs by Iron Ridge ( We adapted them for our school bus roof in order to hold 8 or 9 residential solar panels (which we scored for free when we picked up our racks) and one or two small decks. We went this route because it was simple, made sense to us, and would be able to accommodate both the racks and the decks.

In addition the the Iron Ridge parts, we bought 2 1/2″ 3/8 stainless steel bolts, washers, and nylon locknuts. To seal the holes we used blackjack roofing silicone which given that our roof is coated in Henry’s Tropicool, a silicone based product, was our only real option. Our first attempt left a couple leaks, but we fix that quickly and are now leak free!

Please ask questions if you’ve got em.


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